Sunday, July 24, 2011

Memories of Things to Come

Before I really start working, I just want to write this: I am not excited with current technology.

All the iPads, MaxiPads, Tabs, Playbooks, Slates or whatever. I hate them because my fingers are too clumsy to use the bloody things. I prefer the full-QWERTY keyboard and as long as Blackberry continues to manufacture new models with the keyborads, I will continue supporting them.

Unfortunately, this seems like a losing battle. In South Korea, the Government is executing a plan to replace all physical text books with a digital format that can be accessed via a tablet machine.

In the old days, Malaysians - who were mostly not Malaysians at the time - went to school and brought along green slates. The tech was simple. You write stuff on it with a piece of chalk, and when you need to write more, you spit on the board and erase it - good as new but smelling of partially-digested food.

If the school of the future are to revert to using pads, tabs and slates, then I say mankind has wasted over 30 years of recent computer advances.

What we need, everywhere, are not touchscreens. We need a fully motion-sensor hologram system. And the technology, is already here.

Failing visible holograms projected onto our polluted air, we need to develop either optic implants or glasses through which we see the world as a full computer-interactive environment.

Imagine looking at a friend and seeing his status pop up on his face/head. Imagine writing an email and actually 'pushing' it to your boss.

These are all not new concepts. I saw all of these in Ghost in the Shell as well as countless other sci-fi stories. And then Iron Man made it popular to the rest of the world.

I have seen documentaries where they are developing the glasses. And those were old documentaries.

That way, after the researchers spend tens of billions, I can get a hologram keyboard that floats in the air. I'll buy a piece of cardboard to anchor my presses.

Or, I could just use a keyboard. And all you fuckers can use the bloody green slate.