Sunday, July 17, 2011

Food of the Gods

Woke up to piss and I'm suddenly hungry. Can't eat now, so I'll just gulp down 500ml of water and write about the best food I've ever had.

Years ago, pretty boy actor/writer/banker Redza Minhat asked me, "What's the best food in KL?"

And I said to him, "There is no such thing. Everyone has their own preference."

"Yes, but what's the best?"

There is none, of course. If you like meat, I would suggest the Brazillian barbecue at Changkat Bukit Bintang. Around 10 variations of beef, including grilled beef stuffed with vegetables.

And who can say for sure that they know the best nasi lemak place? My fabourite is now extinct. It used to be that every 4pm, a small stall would open up at Pantai Dalam, selling steamed nasi lemak with properly-cooked fried lungs. Heavenly! But it's gone.

The best nasi kandar joint was, to me, Zam Nasi Kandar, which subscribed to the large meal philosophy and had a killer mutton curry - and I don't eat mutton. Gone as well, banished from its Pantai Dalam home.

The best fried rice was, to me, Mutton Curry Fried Rice by Tony and Fredo from the Gayodanto clan. Using double cooked mutton in a curry as paste, I do believe it is the best fried rice I have ever encountered. It was at the National Press Club, and now it is gone. Catch Tony one of these days and get that for catering.

Best Thai food? Well, that's in Thailand, but a reasonably delicious place is Basil at Bangsar Village. Try the Tom Yam, green curry chicken and kangkong belacan.

Best Fried Kuay Teow? Surprisingly, Boston concept restaurant's Tenderloin and Flat Noodles. No, not Little Penang Cafe, not wherever, just Boston. The meat is tender and the chopped chilli red and fiery like molten steel.

Best French restaurant? Cafe Cafe, in my opinion. Authentic French cuisine with frog's legs and escargot.

Best curry? Surprisingly, Esquire Kitchen. Try it with flower buns. Soft and heavenly buns dipped into savoury - a bit powdery - delicious curry.

Best banana leaf rice? Well, I do like Sri Nirwana Maju, but the extremely dreadful service makes me want to take it down a few notches. Currently, I am looking for a restaurant to replace Nirwana Maju.

Best Beriyani? Not JM Bariani House. I find the Malaynised version a bit too heavy and sweet. I hate eating sweet things when they're supposed to be savoury, thus eliminating most of Kelantanese cuisine. I prefer Mahbub's lighter version, or even its Beriyani Bukhara. Syed has good beriyani, but a bit expensive.

My favourite beriyani has to be Anjappar, with its strong spice taste and yet light rice.

Siput Sedut champion goes to Restoran Puteri. Fuck the rest of the roadside stalls selling balitong in oyster sauce. Restoran Puteri is the best when it comes to Siput Sedut in KL.

Tomorrow, I am going to go and have a cheesesteak for lunch. G'nite!