Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Adventures of Boron (World's Most Boring Man): Divine Second Wind (Double Fart)

So today, I woke up and checked my baju Melayu. I got one that still fits. Hahaha. It was dry-cleaned and shit. I had a function to go to tonight and they said black tie or national dress/outfit/costume. Since I left my coconut bra back home, I decided to forego the dried lalang skirt and go in baju Melayu.

Then I had lunch with my sister and then I remembered - or rather was reminded that there was a Fixi event at 5.30pm. And that today was also Reading At Seksan's.


So I went home, took a 15-minute, flu-med-induced (my flu medication has pseudo-ephedrine which is a major component in making crystal meth - the white in the red, white and blue trinity - but actually just puts me to sleep with no hallucination or paranoia) nap. That was stupid, putting a whole chunk of text in parentheses. And ending the sentence with 'nap'. Ah, fuck it.

With the 'ah, fuck it' attitude, I put on my baju Melayu and went to Silverfish for the Fixi event.

Again, Amir Muhammad made me feel guilty for not yet continuing the book I owe him. Still stuck at Chapter 4. Actually, that's a lie. I chose not to feel guilty about anything and be a bastard a long time ago. Guilt is for the rich, and I am far from rich.

Goddamn motherfucking rich bastards with 3 billion (USD? RM?) boat. I hope you go sailing on that yacht and the bloody thing sinks and you get zapped by jellyfish. And since I am poorer than you, you have to let it slide, mr whoever who owns it. I heard it's Robert Kuok, but I don't trust any news unless it is tweeted or retweeted by Neil Gaiman.

Yes, our Lord and Savior. In Gaiman we trust. Blah blah blah.

So there I was, in baju Melayu, at the Fixi thing. All the while very much aware that since I do not have the proper footwear, I chose to don flip-flops.

So, blablabla, I got a ride from the author of Kasino to KDU.

The food was okay, but I like the show. There's so much earnest energy in these kids, which I have not experienced in a while. Most performers nowadays are jaded and cynical. Or paranoid. At least, that's the energy I experience from them. The kids had youthful vigour and exuberance on their side, making it a very entertaining show. For stage shows, sometimes energy is everything. Remember Rockstar? Energy, man, energy.

It was like a very sophisticated college performance. Back in UM, everything sucked as I walked around with a miasma of bullshit emo shit around me. I remember that back then, I just wanted to pick fights, and I wasn't even fighting properly. That takes time, and at the point where you do know what to do, fighting is something better left for kids, man.

Winning and losing are two of the same things, said one wise rich guy who is not an asshole. So why bother? There are better, more effective ways to achieve your goals rather than fight open battles. And it doesn't have to include being insidious or anything.

Oh well. Had a good, entertaining day. Now, I just need to complete this script and send it by tomorrow.


I'm sure I'll write again when I wake up to piss or something later tonight.