Friday, July 22, 2011

Flu Fighter

I woke up to take my meds.

I got some stuff I need to do, but I was too weak. So to bed it was, and to bed I will go.

I was dreaming of myself, and I was in a book. I was a character in a book, and another me was reading myself and imagining to be the me in the book.

All the while, I was watching this me who was reading a book.

If I was 10 years younger, I would be amused by all this existential bullshit. Nowadays, when I have these kinds of dreams, I just get pissed off.

So I woke up angry. Opened a bottle of orange juice and started chugging. Take that, rhinovirus!

I read about rhinoviruses - the flu virus - in a Reader's Digest article written in the '50s. It is still true. Mankind has yet to find a cure for the flu, and nobody knows why flu viruses just stop after a week or so. If flu viruses were to continue multiplying, they'd just kill everyone.

I wish I could create a strain that would kill rich people. The virus would check your financial record and if you're worth more than RM2 million, BAM! You die.

Rich people believe they should be given a lot of leeway to take more of our money. We should kill them all, just out of spite.

I hope your horses kick you in the balls. I hope your Picasso falls on your mother, killing her.

I hope when the nuclear holocaust finally hits Malaysia, rich people would finally melt in their own ecto-plasmic goo.

Think about it.

Who owns the world? Rich people. Who calls the shots (to be fired)? Rich people. Who devised a devious credit scheme from which there is no escape for poor people? The rich.

Who stands to benefit from the suffering of others? Rich people. Who benefits, when I get sick? Rich people.

All the evil in the world are caused by rich people. We should scalp them. And eat their brains.