Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Personal Space: The Forbidden Frontier

Not many people understand the concept of personal space. Not surprising, but annoying all the same.

I was thoroughly surprised when an uneducated, seemingly uncouth man who works around my apartment complex today immediately apologised after he asked me whether I have found a job or not. I was touched that he understood the meaning of privacy.

Most people don't. Especially Malays. They simply ask how much you're making and try to pigeon-hole you into neat little shelves in their tiny little minds.

Another thing that gets to me is if people go through othr people's phones. To me, a phone is like exposed underwear. You don't go and check the label of your mother's bra, right? So, when it comes to phones, NO TOUCHY. No reading the phone from afar, either.

I was tweeting my girlfriend the other day (I'm not gay, yay!) and this asshole just kept trying to read my tweets. I keep my tweets public, yes, but I hate it when people try to read what I'm writing on my phone.

Look, I don't go around sniffing your mother's vagina, so I would appreciate it if you keep your nose out of my affairs.

It's really no big deal, but it is still annoying. I don't give a shit about your life, so please stay away from mine.