Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flu Fighter: The Bourdon Supremacy

So this guy William Bourdon was detained and deported.

All I can say is, RUN, BOURDON! RUNNNN!!!

Malaysia is not safe. Go back to Mars or some shit.

You think the Martian Revolution was bad, wait till you see Bersih 3.0. Lifeless bodies piled up on the streets. The rivers of garbage turn into rivers of blood. A lost mother, crying for her child "My chillldd!!" when BAM! somebody just blew her brains out.

"My... chiil..."


There, they got her.



That oughta do it-



"Tango Whisky Alpha, requesting nuclear payload."

"Acknowledge. Laser targeting requested."

"Laser targeting locked on."

"Mmyyy... child!"


Take that, stupid dumbass who took their child to a riot. Motherfucker!

So anyway, I don't give a shit about Michael Bourdon. I also don't give a shit about Gary Dourdan. Who's Gary Dourdan? I don't give a shit.

What I do want to know is, How did he get deported from Malaysia, and how can I also get deported to France or whatever?

Was it yelling, "Hey I know about the Scorpene deal, bitch! I bring you down, Najib!"

Or was it yelling, "If you deport me, you'll make Najib look bad! Hey you Najib's political enemies! I'm herrrrrrrre! Internal politics for the win!"

Ah, fuck this shit. I'm watching Gary Dourdan.