Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Plight of the Malay Man

For years, I ran away from the label of a 'Malay man'. It is indeed a name which carries many negative connotations.

For one, a Malay man is generally regarded as stupid about everything, managing only to stumble forward in life due to Government assistance and free money. Ironically, that Government is also set up by, among others, Malay men who might not be so incompetent after all.

I have heard - from friends mostly - about such ludicrous claims as Malays getting discounts at toll booths.

The second offensive stereotyping is that Malay men cheat and beat their partners. While I do know of SOME men who beat their partners and SOME of these are Malay men, it is not entirely true that this is race, or even gender specific.

Of course, ALL Malay men get maried, marking their union with spiralling 50-year debts because they need to make sure the parents can boast to their neighbours about something. Perhaps it is this debt that has kept Malays poor. This marriage debt that saps the finances and the soul from the Malays, hence turning them into wife-beaters and drug users. I believe that while marriage is fine for those who want it, there should be a stop to weddings. Malay weddings cost anywhere between RM20,000 - RM2 million with little chance of recouping that money.

I used to be bothered by all this shit. Nowadays, when people ask me, "How can you still not starve after almost five months of not having a job?"

I answer with this, "Oh, every week a guy from UMNO comes knocking on my door and gives me some Malay cash. Usually it's RM10,000 or something."

Hell, man, you think I can afford this Unifi connection simply by working hard till I literally cough out blood? I'm a Malay man. Incompetent and dumb. What skills do I have, other than supporting UMNO?