Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Tale of Sound and Fury

I'm waiting for an email, so I guess I'll do some alarmist talk and pull stuff out of my ass.

When the economic downturn hit America recently, sales of big screen TVs, cable TV subscription, broadband Internet as well as movie ticket sales soared through the roof. Some restaurants closed down and so did some businesses. We see in the movie Up in the Air, that there are perhaps consultants being hired to fire people.

How did I get this? I pulled it out of my ass. I'm quoting no sources, so read at your own risk and don't believe me.

This shows that people in the States were not going out, as going out meant spending money. TV and movies - still the cheapest forms of entertainment - were selling like hotcakes. I mean, Green Hornet sold like crazy. Really? Green Hornet?

Oh, man. I am too tired to write the rest of this shit.

In short, we're all fucked. So we should start killing people. Okay, back to work!