Monday, July 25, 2011

Loki Lyesmith

I take a break from working to bring you this unimportant message.

I get lots of bullshit thrown at me every day. So that was why, when they revealed 'news' about Rosmah's ring which some claimed, vehemently, to be US$24 million (a billion kajillion ringgits), I generally just shut up and watched the circus go by.

When they claimed that 100,000 people came down for Bersih, I just shut up and washed my dick, ensuring the cleanliness of my genitalia.

Mohd Sabu claimed he was ran over by a police jeep. Then Amy Winehouse died. And slightly before that, lots of people died in Norway due to a shooting.

The identity of the shooter was unverified, but some Western media salivated at the prospect at another Muslim - most probably an Arab - going crazy and started killing people.

Then, it was revealed, that:

1. It was NOT Rosmah's ring.
2. It was NOT 100,000 people
3. There is a video recording of Mohd Sabu getting 'run over' by the police. And to be fair, I do not know whether it is Mat Sabu in the video, or like Anwar, it was an impostor who had the same look and DNA as Mat Sabu. He certainly tried to run the police over. With a bike. Religion 1: Evolution 0.
4. I couldn't even be bothered to read whether Amy Winehouse died of cancer, drug overdose, murder or whatever. I am not a fan, but I believe Amy Winehouse is loved by a lot of people.
5. The Norway shooter was (supposedly) white. I have no info on whether he is a Muslim, what his astrological sign is, his favourite food or whether he believes Captain Kirk or Picard is better.

In our eagerness to disbelieve the Government - and I do believe that we should never trust politicians of any race, creed or gender - some of us may have decided to trade one liar for another.

And who do we fill in for the Government politicians? Other politicians. Oh, great, asshole. Just great.

"Hey, man, I'm gonna stop doing meth, man."

"Great. Good for you."

"Yeah, man, I'm on crack now."


Some people refused to watch TV, cause it's a 'tool for propaganda'. And then they go to opposition websites and channels. What the fuck are mouthpieces of politicians for? What are they? Tools for propaganda.

Fuck you. Fuck all of you.

Why do you discriminate? If the mainstream media is a tool for propaganda, biased for the Government, and you don't like tools of propaganda, then you should also not tune into the alternative media sites which are also tools of propaganda.

Hate Utusan for their 'one-sided reporting'? What about Harakah?

I am very suspicious of people who tell me not to watch things, unless it's a horror movie.

I believe we should not tune off at all. I believe we should all tune in. To EVERY source. People who say, 'don't watch this' or 'don't watch that' are trying to keep you stupid. Because the stupider you are, the easier they'll take your money and buy oh, I dunno, a US$30 billion helicopter made out of gold or some shit.

Politicians deserve our scrutiny. No rest for the wicked.

We should listen to all news sources, and then make our decision. Shutting our eyes will not make things go away. Not even in the most quantum-physics way.

"But Amir, TV will brainwash us. Nyeeeee."

Goddamn pussy!

I have been watching TV all my life. They did try to brainwash me. I even caught subliminal messages in movies. I endured RTM's nationalist songs.

"Sayang IT, Buta IT, Kelent IT..."

But my brain is as filthy as ever.

The Truth is, no one has mental powers we don't. No one is smarter. There is no magic. We can all decide for ourselves. The moment we elect people to make decisions for us, is the moment we stopped living and started being dumbasses.

We should listen. Listen carefully. Hold the judgments for a while. And then, when all of you realise that politicians are bullshit, we should go out there and kill rich people.

Fuck rich people.