Thursday, March 4, 2010


When I first forayed into the Internet, in those early days, I read Sinfest by Tatsuya Ishida. It became a template for a lot of my articles.

Now, I am also reading Perry Bible Fellowship, Short Cuts (both ended long ago) and xkcd, which I avoided till recently.

When I read comics, I read the tone.

Sinfest is situational.

xkcd is transmorgrifying nerd sensationalism.

The greatest of them all, PBF and Short Cuts(manga), are simply funny. They use the same conventions of situational humour in Sinfest and the beat changes in xkcd, and just executes everything like no one before.

Those two, PBF and Cuts are just sublimely the greatest webcomics - well, Short Cuts is not really a web comic but more a downloaded manga - ever.

Hey, what if I told clueless Malaysian media execs that after Twitter and Facebook, the next great Internet thing would be webcomics?

Get like, 30 million and fund some comics people to do webcomics?