Monday, March 8, 2010

30 Minutes Over Broadway

It has been four hours since I turned 30.

The world has not ended. Wow.

Most of the first few hours of my 30-yeardom, I spent doing some work. There are things to prepare. Things to do.

My mother sent me a picture of her, with the caption "Happy Birthday".

Well, I don't have a picture of her in my wallet, so might as well have it in my Blackberry.

Which reminds me of the things I am grateful for.

Thank God for idiots, for they make me look good. God creating idiots was probably his/her/its best work. If you call THAT work.

I love my Blackberrys. All of them. Makes my life both a little easier and a little harder.

I love my dick. Thank you for giving me a dick. Only thing I know to do with a vagina is to stuff it with a dick.

I like the fact that I used old computer science skills to try and install an H-game on my computer for the past two hours. And failing miserably. I may need to find tools to run some of the functions independently, to try and crack the scenes. Ah well.

I love the fact that I still have most of the stuff I wrote when I was 19. I read some of them just now, and they're not half bad. Just needs a shine, and we'll see where that leads me in another 10 years.

I love the fact that I spent most of my disposable income on comic books. And that I have been carting them around Klang Valley for over a decade now. I have been in KL for 12 years. Came here in 1998, to UM, cause I didn't want to go to any university that tells me what to wear.

UiTM matriculation students had to wear shirts and pants. And sometimes, ties. Same shit with other unis. Fuck that shit, man. I will not wear a suit and ties or whatever else.

Spent five years with people telling me exactly what to wear, when. So fuck that shit.

You can kill me, but I'll wear whatever I want.

I'm going to sleep soon. Groggy as hell.

It's been a good birthday. SOme people asked me to go out, but I told them no. I want to spend my birthdays alone. The quiet, calm atmosphere is just what I need. People are loud. Even when they're not talking, they're loud.

So many things to read. And you can be wrong a lot of the time. Cause there are lots of people.

Recently, certain events have awakened some spirits of rebellion in me. I am not a rebel. I laugh at rebels, cause they're pretentious fucks who like the IDEA, but hardly do anything about it.


A proper rebellion, like demolition, requires proper planning.

My target is twofold:

1. Society - bla bla blah.


And I hate liberals. And conservatives.

Okay. Really. Sleep. Now.