Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Din Beramboi Critical

When I first heard the news, my first instinct was to check the calendar. April 1st is rearing its head, and Abang Din - as we know him - is a real kidder.

AFter a few checks with different sources, it seems that the news is legit. Din Beramboi is now in critical condition.

He was exposed to rat urine, causing what is suspected to be Leptospirosis, with dengue hemorrhagic fever complicating things.

There was a drive to donate blood just a few hours ago, but rumours from Selayang Hospital was a bit inconsistent on whether they had enough blood or not. At first, they didn't have enough, and then donors were allegedly turned away, told that they have enough, and then last I heard, they didn't have enough but donors were believed to have been instructed to donate during office hours. This, even though Abang Din's condition is going through a very important 24-hour phase.

The doctors are reportedly saying that they have administered medication and they have to wait to see how he responds.

I was not that close to Din Beramboi, but he was always nice to everyone. I believe I join a lot of people - friends, colleagues, and fans - who are wishing him well. There's nothing more to do but pray. For those who do.

I really do hope that this is an elaborate joke, but I don't think it is.