Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Islams

I don't care about heaven or hell. I'm not playing for a prize, and I'm not afraid of penalties. Heaven and hell, that's God's business. Not mine.

In fact, fuck it.

The closest brush I had with the Islams was a few years back, when I had to do a TV programme for an Islamic lifestyle channel.

I had never done any Islamic programming before that.

The ustadz I was dealing with had an HTC smartphone. Pretty current guy. The show was about how to read the Koran properly.

I remember enough tajwid (Koranic grammar) to know my Mad Aslis, Mad Lins, Mad Arif Lisukuns, Idgham Maalghunnah, ikhfak hakiki, izhar halki, Mad Jaiz Munfasils and Mad Wajib Muttasils - the basics.

Other than that, the tarranums and all that shit, I never learned. Not interested.

Making an Islamic show is just like any other production. There were no bolts of lightning, fireballs or angels the size of galaxies.

I was only involved in the beginning, and am relieved that the programme became number one on that channel.

Professionally, I only see things as information. Thoughts, viewpoints, facts. I don't get my personal shit in, unless it's required. That, I save for stories.

I don't believe in tickets to heaven. Heaven or hell is what we make of the world.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to figure out how to simulate orgasms in normal everyday situations.