Friday, March 19, 2010

Tweets from the Drunk Side: Politwitters

I was minding my own business, monitoring Twitter, just in case Anwar posts something like:

Anwar: #Mokhtar! #Mokhtar! #Mokhtar! Mak nak tidur, nyah!

Or LKS to post something like:

LKS: Saya memang lesist. Me no rikey.

When I stumbled upon a 'fight' between LKS and KJ.

The fight was about some inane questions that LKS asked, which he claims KJ has failed to answer, and KJ claims he has answered.

Both declared themselves winners.

I declare them all wieners.

Having stayed past his bed time, at 10pm, LKS went to sleep. A growing boy like him needs all the sleep he can get. ALso, in training for that PM pillow. I mean, seat.

KJ, being the only one of the two awake, declared himself the winner. Again.

Winner of what? Having more coffee?

KJ Tweeted, "As Achilles puts it, 'Is there no one else'?"

Against my better judgment, I replied. And my reply was retweeted by seven other people.

Then, Tony Pua came on. He challenged KJ to a Twitter debate, as LKS had gone to sleep.

KJ responded by saying Tony Pua is way beneath him.

Tony's remarks went something like, "I'm better than UMNO, nyeee. Blah blah blah."

So, this is what your MPs do, people. They spend countless hours fighting with themselves, trying to show who is better, and then when night falls, they go on Twitter and repeat the same thing.

When exactly do they do their work? Are they serving the public interest? No. Are they eradicating poverty? No. Are they feeding the poor? No.

The only thing they feed are their big fat egos.

I hope that Global Warming is real, so that I could watch all politicians die.

That being said, it is 4am. NOW is my bed time.