Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sometimes, I am subjected to some racist bullshit. From all sides.

I'd be with some Chinese dudes, right, drinking. We were having fun and all, when one would always pip in some shit about how unfair the NEP is. How Malays get free money from the Government, taking things away from them. And how they can never be rich.

I'd say, yeah, I hate rich people too. Regardless of race.

But they keep on blowing on drinking that hatorade. And whining and whinging.

Me: Wait. Hold up. Have you looked at the list of rich people in Malaysia? My bet is, if we have a top 100, over 80% would be Chinese dudes.

They: Yeah, but they all work hard for it. They are all hard workers.

Me: SO all the Malay rich dudes get it from the Government, while if a Chinese dude gets rich, it's because he works hard? Dude... that's racist.


They: Oh, so Malays need NEP as a crutch because you Malays are weak, right? So fucking weak. And lazy.

Me: ...

They: Say it. You guys are weak, right?

Me: Well... YES. Malays are weak and lazy. SO weak and lazy that we need even MORE money. We need to get three million Malay millionaires by 2012. We need free housing. We need not pay toll. More jobs. Free food. Free cars. Fuck the 15% equity. We need 70%.

That will always shut things up. And there I was, wishing that we had just continued drinking. That the bitter taste in my mouth is just from the drink, and not because I had to deal with some people's insecurities.