Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chee and Ling's Amazing Tea Ceremony

Yesterday, I went to Chee's house to be his heng tai. Which meant that I get to escort him with some other friends, to his wife Ling's house.

He was to have the traditional Chinese tea ceremony that binds their marriage that was already made official with registering it some time ago.

Chee was in a Mercedes. I was in a Kelisa, with Roy.

We convoyed from Damansara Perdana to Puchong, managing to get lost only once.

In the house, Chee was confronted with three tasks. I had spent the night before reading up on riddles and training my mind to answer them, so as to help Chee out should he need my assistance.

So the first obstacle were all the single ladies in Ling's family, asking him to do some things which did not call for my vast intellect at all. One of them was to sing a George Lam song.

I don't know any George Lam songs, only one or two Sam Hui songs. Apparently, neither did Chee! But he managed somehow.

The rest of the tasks were physical, where Chee had to defeat the Ten Tigers of Canton using his No-Shadow Kick (think about it. A kick that has no shadow means that it is faster than light.) and 18 Dragon-killing Palms.

And then, time to pray to the skies. After that, it was the tea ceremony, which was done rather quickly, to capitalise on the auspicious time. I got one ang pow as well, which was cool. I usually get RM17 worth of ang pows every Chinese New Year.

All in all, congratulations to Chee and Ling. May you find happiness.