Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Fourth Law of Vagina

I said it before.

Women only want one of or a combination of three things, from a man:

1. Money.

2. Big Dick.

3. Ticket to Heaven.

This is like the undisputable Three Laws of Robotics, only it's pussy.

I have discovered a fourth factor.

Remember those three? Here's number four.

4. Or the image of one of the three. Or the image of a combination of the three.

See, with a lot of women, they want to be seen as something they're not. Hence, the makeup. And push-up bras. And weaves.

Most women, want men with whom they can brag to other women. It's just like those guys with trophy wives. It's exactly the same shit.

So, you can strive and pretend to be rich or walk like you have a mutant cucumber between your legs, or do what a lot of people here do - pretend you're religious. That you're a shoo-in for heaven.

Alternatively, try my approach:

Me: Here's RM10. Now suck my dick.

Clean, efficient, no baggage. No emotion pollution. I should call this Green Fucking.