Saturday, October 4, 2008

Trotsky's Snowball Effect

And so the sheeps bleat. All during Raya, I've been observing what's been happening.

Teresa Kok had some UNLIT Molotov cocktail thrown at her house.

I was like, what the fuck? Dude, if you want to be an anarchist, there is something to be said about wikipedia.

And really, some nasty people will even suggest that it was self-inflicted. That maybe Teresa or some people from PR would go so low as to orchestrate the whole thing. To milk sympathy. To place her as a victim, after being ISA-ed and forced to eat dog food, which consists of boiled eggs.

These nasty people will point out the fact that the Molotov cocktails are unlit, as a smoking gun. Or a smokeless bomb. A dud.

Nasty people who might not even consider the fact that it could very well be just a threat and the fact that the alleged assailants sped off on bikes, which is a smoking whatever the fuck that point to rempits because only rempits own and ride motorcycles.

Meanwhile, some people crashed Pak Lah's Raya do.

C'mon, motherfucker! I mean, I am no fan of Pak Lah. I believe that he is bad for the country because he allows evil people to do lots of shit in this country which they would not have dared to do under Dr M.

Because Dr M and his thought-police would rip you a new one. If you did anything WRONG.

But to go and spoil an old man's raya, that's disrespectful, racist and counter-productive.

Sure, they will say, "but what about the ISA detainees? What about their raya?"

Yeah, fine. But to do what a supposed villain would do himself? What makes you any different? Fight racism with racism? Has that ever worked properly?

Would that stunt actually secure the release of ISA detainees? Or would it paint an image of stupid, uncouth motherfuckers amongst half the country? What kind of impact would it have to your cause?

Like Al-Qaeda crashing those planes on the WTC. Good show, boys and girls. Thanks a lot, bitch.

Next time, pay me USD 400 million and I'll achieve your goals within a few years.