Monday, October 13, 2008

Source: Blackberry

I looked over at one of my friend's Blackberry today and witnessed this conversation with an Anwarista (and for those not in the know, Mr Sellout is Anwar):

YYYYYYYYYY: so Mr rosmah's our next PM.

XXXX XXX: Better than Mr. Sellout

YYYYYYYYYY: We'll have a botox-injected, diamond-encrusted, fat short mean female pig running e country.

YYYYYYYYYY: Better? oh God!
XXXX XXX: Better than someone who likes guy's asses

YYYYYYYYYY: excuse me, do you have prove of that?
YYYYYYYYYY: even in 1998, they couldnt charge him with anything...they kept changing the the end, even those were dropped.
YYYYYYYYYY: come on la!

XXXX XXX: Why should I care?

YYYYYYYYYY: exactly, even if he is a homo, it doesnt matter. his manifestos and policies/budget is so much better that that of pak lah's

XXXX XXX: I don't like pak lah
XXXX XXX: So, good riddance to that
XXXX XXX: Agreed.
XXXX XXX: Why resort to personal attacks?
XXXX XXX: Who started calling people names in this conversation?

YYYYYYYYYY: wasnt calling names...was merely describing Rosmah after all...she does use botox, she is diamond encrsuted, and she is as fat as a pig. :)

XXXX XXX: The botox.... Proven?
XXXX XXX: Could be collogen
XXXX XXX: Stem cell
XXXX XXX: Or even kacip fatimah
XXXX XXX: Do you have her medical records?

YYYYYYYYYY: ok sorry...
YYYYYYYYYY: foreign-substance injected then. :)

XXXX XXX: Even the phrase "foregin-substance injected"
XXXX XXX: Is it proven?
XXXX XXX: She could be a mutating for all we know

YYYYYYYYYY: well...ok...but she cant lift her eyebrows at all...thats botox induced la
YYYYYYYYYY: she's a mutant? aahh....thats explains everything!

XXXX XXX: Really? Conclusive evidence?
XXXX XXX: Could be food allergies
XXXX XXX: Could be plastic surgery
XXXX XXX: Or she was electrocuted
XXXX XXX: A myriad of possibilities
XXXX XXX: But heresay all the same
XXXX XXX: No proof

YYYYYYYYYY: well my opinion is both mr and mrs are the aliens from hellboy.

XXXX XXX: In my opinion anwar likes guys' butts

YYYYYYYYYY: good for you :)

XXXX XXX: Thanks
XXXX XXX: Everyone has a right to an opinion
YYYYYYYYYY signed out.

Oh, the hypocrisy! Oh, the huge manatee!

Anwaristas label anything offensive against Anwar as personal attacks. Agreed, some of them are. But they go on personal attacks, too.

I was there during Reformasi 1998.

I told this story before, and I'm going to tell it again.

Here was Anwar, Knight of the Magical Light, A Real Malaysian Hero, Master of the Universe, Dancing Queen, Psychopomp and Carnifex. Truly. Truly. Truly Outrageous.

A hush fell over the crowd, except for some kids crying from the tear gas, or perhaps in anticipation of the tear gas.

And then, Anwar grabbed the mic, and you know what he said?

"Kepala siapa botak?"

And the crowd cheered!

He was making a personal attack against none other than the-then Datin Seri Siti Hasmah.

What the fuck did she ever do to him? Asshole.

Defender of free speech, indeed. The Stewart of Decency, Modesty, Restraint and Gondor.

I lost all my respect to Anwar at that moment.

I mean, what the fuck, man?

You had the best platform ever to turn this country into something everyone can be proud of. And what do you do?

Attack a little old lady. I mean, I'm sure Siti Hasmah is not free from sin - no one is. But what the fuck?

All these other, bigger targets. And Anwar chose to make personal attacks against Siti Hasmah.

You guys refuse to remember what Anwar said back in 1998.

I do. I bought the tapes.

"Saya ada berpeti-peti bukti rasuah, bukti corruption kat Malaysia ni!"

"Bawak ke mahkamah la Datuk Seri! Bawak ke tengah la!"

"Ehhh...tunggu dulu."

Ko nak tunggu apa lagi, mangkuk?

The fuck is he waiting for? Getting politicians convicted will pave the way for him to become PM.

His supporters, too, were trying to attack Mahathir.

"Mahathir tu! Entah berapa ramai perempuan masuk bilik dia?"


Kalau dah PM, takkan nak jumpa jantan je, bahalul? Aku yang bukan PM ni pun jujmpa ramai perempuan. Tak bermakna aku romen semua sekali. Gila ke apa? Mana cukup duit.

Promises, promises.

Look, Anwar is not the silver bullet you have been hoping for. Nothing is. Not education. Not the economy. Not movies either.

It's all connected, in one way or another. A multi-pronged thing. Everything falling into place together. And you know what's the key component? For people to grow up.