Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brother Love

One of my former favourite pastimes is pushing other people's buttons.

It gives me a false sense of superiority. To see them flounder about.

I would tell one of my female friends, "I do not believe in love."

And she would launch into a tirade - a TIRADE - on human relationships, meeting the right people, feminism, prostituion, blablablabla.

What I DO believe in, really, is that people do not fall for a person. They fall for an idea.

Essentially, empirically, humans are just meat and bones and skin with holes in them. With air, and sometimes dick going in and out of those holes.

And yes, it is hard to fall for this abomination of nature. Humans urinate, defecate, menstruate, salivate. Humans are slimy. They smell bad. Except for Thai girls. Humans get old, and then they die. And then they smell worse.

So anyway, what people DO fall in love with are the ideas. The idea of a desirable man or woman.

Possibly also the image. And how that image will bind with their self-image as well.

The ideas are the ones we see on TV. Sunset walks on the beach. Valentine's chocolates. Flowers. Poetry. Porn.

Even a more 'realistic' love, with sagging tits and beer bellies and jokes about the human condition.

If this is not true, then why do people wear make-up? People, not just women. To sell the idea of it rather than the real thing. False advertising.

A 'real' pitch would be like, "This ho's wearing push-up bras. She can turn tricks...till she's 45. And then she dies. Then you have to bury her like some cat shit and shit."

"This here dick's got six pack abs. Until he's 45. When it accumulates into a keg. He can ejaculate faster when he's masturbating to porn than he would when he fucks you in the ass. And then...he dies! Cat shit."

So, my points are:

1. Breeding is NOT a good reason to live.
2. Enjoy it while it lasts. After that - cat shit.