Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Defence of Rocky

If you haven't noticed, Rocky has been getting flamed on his blog. Why? From what I gather, because he does not support the decision by Teresa Kok to sue Utusan Malaysia, Chamil Wariya, Syed Ali Alhabshee and maybe several other people - going at the rate her lawyer has been serving letters - for hundreds of millions od ringgits.

They accuse him of wanting the GEIC post - that's Group Editor in Chief, yo! - at NSTP. So I asked him, via Blackberry:

Me: Rocky, are you going to be the next GEIC?

Rocky: No, but you can start buttering me up to be safe.

Me: Why would I want to be safe?

I don't know what Rocky is thinking, but I do know that I do not agree with promoting a multi-million dollar lawsuit culture in Malaysia.

That's American culture. That's Lee Kuan Yew culture.

More disturbing than the Paris Hilton sex-tape or the thought of a Lee Kuan Yew sex-tape.

If you want to promote Press freedom, suing them for millions would not make that happen. What it COULD do is cower the papers into not saying anything anymore. If more and more people sue the papers, it would have the reverse effect of Press freedom.

They'd just give up.

If you are saying that the Press is controlled by political parties, then sue the political parties. Prove your claim. Sue the Malaysian Government.

I mean, they did not carry headlines that say, "I HATE KOK" or "KOK IS DYSFUNCTIONAL" or "KOK WILL NOT RISE IN PARLIAMENT" or something. The so-called 'transgressions' are minor at best.

Look at what Dr M did, not Lee Kuan Yew. When the alternative Press, at its infancy, portrayed him as the Sith Lord Palpatine, a porn star with the name BabyCheDet - complete with doctored photos - or simply Maha-Zalim, he just took it in his stride.

He was cool.

Dr M was like, "Kembaaaaaang cipap aku mendengarnya." and shit.

He never did censor anything on the net. Or he did it so successfully that no one noticed. There were raids, I heard, but the sites were allowed to carry on as usual.

Because anything you fight will get bigger. You cannot crush something that dominates your days, weeks and years. Because lawsuits like this will take years, maybe decades to be resolved.

All that time. What a waste.

Teresa Kok might be wasting her time when she can do so much with her constituencies. For her constituencies.

Oh well.

That's the way it goes.

I will no longer write about Teresa Kok. Not for anything. Knock yourself out, man.