Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Eighth Floor Boys - Now With More Corruption

Everybody's talking about the 'fourth-floor boys' as some sort of invisible cabal of whatever.

Fuck that man.

I am proposing the idea of the Eighth Floor Boys with me at the head.

We would be twice higher than the so-called fourth-floor manipulators and three levels up from the Prime Minister. Our heads will be in the clouds.

And since we're higher than the Prime Minister, I claim the title of Optimus Prime.

Instead of selling this country to Singaporeans, we will sell this country to aliens. Real, hardcore aliens, for them to do their experiments and shit.

For every multi-million dollar project, the eighth floor boys will have to get a cut.

And we would send out our macais to indecent-proposal any starlet or celebrity we wish to hump.

Instead of Oxbridge, we eighth floor boys will implant DreamMaker machines inside our heads and increase our power to 750,000hp.

When we have nothing left to fight for, together, we will start fighting each other. Many people will die in our wake, but hey, it's fun.