Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All About Me, Dogg!

Fuck all this Teresa 'Terasa' Kok and her multi-million dollar lawsuits. Fuck racism.

Let's talk about a more brilliant subject - ME.

Writing was NOT my strong point. I sucked real bad in primary school. In fact, it was my weakest subject.

Then, in secondary school, I decided it was time to get better at it. So that's what I did. I got better at it.

From then on, I have always believed that anyone can do anything, if they put their mind to it. It is the willingness to get down and dirty and put in the time that makes the difference between someone who can, and someone who wish they could.

I don't know French. But if I focus on it for a few weeks, I am confident I will be speaking as fluently as any Parisienne. Complete with moue, yo!

If I study capoeira, I will be an expert in a year.

I know jack shit about chemicals, but if I apply myself to it, I'll be a leading expert in two years.

Because I believe in one thing - everything is logic. Everything. If it makes sense, it's logic, and a string of logic is called knowledge. Ingrained knowledge is skill. High levels of skill is known as gifted, or talented.

I see everything this way.

Cause when you have this mentality, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that you can't master. Anything one man can do, another can replicate.

You just need to see how their minds work.

If you want to write, do not simply read books you like and enjoy the story. Climb into the mind of the author and see what he sees when he wrote it. Think what he thinks.

Same thing with everything. There is a reason why someone did a stroke this way or that on a painting. A reason why he or she wrote this or that. A reason why a word is such.

The whys and the hows are within our grasp. Then the what comes skipping gaily forward. Observe. See. Feel. Think.

The who are almost always irrelevant. Because it could have been anybody. I do not trust the who. No, not The Who. The who.

Whoever the fuck is irrelevant. Too much noise. Too much data. Too much emotion. It distracts from the real purpose.

And when you already have the what, the whys, the hows and the when and wheres, the who will reveal itself. Eventually. Because man is made up of all these things. The sum of its parts.

That's why I am very confident that given enough time and resources, I can master anything.

I have no fear of knowledge or skills.