Sunday, October 26, 2008

I, Uatu

I am the Watcher.

Of Heroes and Boston Legal and House.

Sometimes, I also watch humans.

Humans have always fascinated me. They play games. A lot. And sometimes, they hurt themselves, and others, simply because it fits into their macabre desire for the game.

For example, I have seen people construct complicated relationships with elaborate illusions, imaginary faces and whatnot, just so that other people will look at them and say, "My oh my, there goes a happy whatever."

Yep. Their energies, their time, their money, their emotion, their everything, simply for other people to invest two seconds a year, or less, thinking about them in a certain way.

These are The Pretenders. Maybe.

Then, there are The Victims.

Victims are addicted to drama. They need to feel pain. They need to feel that they are wronged.

So they go and hook up with people who will give them this feeling. Either an abusive partner, or someone they can complain about.

Why? Because it takes the attention and the focus away from them and their own fuck-ups. Their own insecurities.


And then, there are the Righteous Motherfuckers.

Righteous Motherfuckers (RM) are people who have a need to be right and impose their thoughts and emotions on other people. Everyone MUST agree with them or they are WRONG.

Sometimes, I also call them Femi-Nazis or PIS-M fuckers.

They constantly demand updates from other people on what they are doing. They have a need to know how fucked up everyone's lives are. So they can feel better about themselves.

In essence, RMs are very similar to Victims.

If these people REALLY do not want what they are having, they would have taken steps to get out of that position already. But they don't, because it works for them.

Oh well.

Knock yourself out. I am not here to judge. No one can judge you. I am only here, to Watch.