Sunday, October 12, 2008

Intermission: Event Horizon

I spent the entire weekend working, so I'm just going to bask around lazily tonight, before tomorrow's rush.

Been coughing up blood again, which is my body's way of telling me to rest for a while, and probably get a good night's sleep.

Some very interesting things are going to happen in the next few days. For me. Hehehehe.

I just need the whole of next week to sort a few things out. These events will directly determine the future, and I wait with high enthusiasm and low expectations.

I also went to a friend's house for her child's birthday party. I hate kids, but I can make exceptions. They're not too crazy about me, eityher, though most kids would stare at my flawless good looks and wonder, "From whence did this angel come from?"

The exodus continues. Another couple informed me they will be leaving Malaysia very soon.

Me: I might go before you guys. I WIN!

Friend: Well, whoever goes later has to send off the other one at the airport.

Me: Deal!

I still have a few hare-brained schemes going, and if ANY of them goes through, I might be staying here for a while.

I'll cross the bridge when I get to it. I know not what exactly will happen in the next few days and weeks, though I have an inkling that it would turn this way or that.

One of my weaknesses would be that I am extremely impatient. Extremely.

I have boiled down any and every question about the future to these two options: fight or flight.

And have also discovered a third option: fighting by flying.

There are many ways to become a superhero, and there is no silver bullet to everything.

Malaysians have for too long relied on politicians, on cults of personality. No one cares about manifestos. They just see candidates as whole packages. And they only stare at the wrapping, not the contents.

A lot of people, especially bloggers, like to simply point out at everything that's wrong. And while they are true things, a question remains - what the fuck are YOU going to do about it?

Pak Lah was the problem. So what's the solution? What's YOUR solution? He's out now. What next?

So education is the problem? NEP is the demon? Race-based politics is the Satan of Swing. So what's YOUR answer, then? What's the solution?

Say that you're right? YAY! You're right, motherfucker, you're RIGHT!

Now, what, assholes? Now what?

Do we keep on being a nation of victims?

I was asked this question over the weekend: Do you really believe that the people deserve their Government?

Taking a page of Dr M's writings, I said, "Hell Yeah!"

Woman: Why?

Me: Well, cause if the majority of the people REALLY, REALLY want something different, they would have made it so.

You don't need RPK to sacricife himself or Anwar to jump up and down like some attention-seeking bitch.

You won't need Dr M to come out of retirement, to get out of bed and start arguing with people?

No. If the people REALLY wanted it, if YOU really wanted it, things would have happened already. YOU would have done something already.

But something tells me that people in this country DO NOT WANT anything new. Most of them don't. Most of YOU don't.

Why? Do you like what's happening right now? Maybe. Or perhaps it would be so much easier to sit down and blame people. To be a victim. It would be so much easier to point fingers at other people.

Oh well. That's the way it goes. Maybe.

I dunno.

I am just waiting for the next week to unfold. There are some exciting things happening. To me and to the country. And whatever happens, happens.