Sunday, October 5, 2008

How to Save the Country

Simple. Give me money. Make me a multi-millionaire.

And I don't need much money. Just 2-6 million, after tax.

Liberate me from the obstacle that is money. Give me financial freedom, and I will make changes in the country that will stay for centuries to come.

I am not talking about politics. Politics have failed us. Politicians no longer care about the people, way I see it. They're more interested in furniture like chairs and seats and cabinets and wives with big hair.

Fuck politics, man, I am your last hope. I am your last chance.

So give me money, enough so I won't have to work for the rest of my life, and I will start programmes and projects that will make a difference.

Stage two will be pushing certain ideals throughout the whole fucking community so that the opportunistic politicians will have no choice but listen and implement in their own spastic way.

I am the answer that you've been praying for. I am proof that God exists.

So give me money, you buttfucking sons of bitches!

Give me the millions so I would be free, and I would accomplish what the Government has failed to do, more than 50 years after independence.

My plans will all succeed and you will get billions worth of successful programmes plus some effects that money can't buy.

All for a special price of two to six million. I offer you the miracle that is me.

My maybank account number is in the top post. Send me money. LOTS of money. NOW.