Monday, October 20, 2008


Some people were surprised that I went and backed the Malays during the recent onslaught. They thought I was anti-Malay.

I'm not anti-malay. I'm anti-stupid. And since I'm surrounded by Malays, I tend to see more of their stupidity.

I don't agree with the special place of marriage. I don't agree with breeding. I don't agree with the NEP. I don't agree with people blaming the Malays for the NEP, the Chinese or any other race. I think it's stupid. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna go and stop people from doing it.

Knock yourself out, man. People usually have an over-inflated sense of value. They do not realize that we are the same decaying organic matter as everything else. They actually think they matter?

Humans are basically pieces of meat with holes in them.

I have my thoughts about Islam as it is practised in this country as well. I do not agree with treating the Koran as some sort of spellbook in Harry Potter. But hey, that's the way some people want to practice their religion.

I'm not gonna be some PIS-M fucker who plays God and decrees who goes to hell and who doesn't. Go ahead, man. Read. Read, in the name of thy God. Read in peace.

Going international, the group of people who usually pisses me off are the atheists. Some of them go and try to prove everyone else's religions as wrong - WRONG! That they're right. That because they're right, everyone should kowtow to them.

What assholes.

They're worse than the religious funda-mentals. Worse than terrorists. Cause terrorists just kill people. These guys annoy me. Terrorists never killed me. If they did, I'd be pissed off as hell. Atheists annoy me constantly.

And when I say atheist, it's usually some 14-year-old kid who found out it's cool to laugh at other people while jacking off to Jessica Alba in a bikini.

Been there, done that. Grow up, bitch.

And then there are people all over the world who play 'hump the white Gods'. Again, your choice, you subservient, self-loathing, brainwashed pieces of shit. Tongue that rectum! Tounge it!

White people are just like you and me. There are some great ones, and there are some who are just as fucked up as everyone else. Treating them any different is racism.

I am never impressed by any race. Except for Thais. And Estonians. Thais have no smell. Mmmmmm...And Estonians look as if they were made in a candy shop. Mmmm...candy...

And for some reason I can't fathom, I like Chinese. Like in that Monty Python song.