Sunday, October 26, 2008

Save Me, Save the World

Give me two million bucks, and the world will be saved.

I am now working towards my goal of getting two million, cash.

When I get that, I can drop everything and be a superhero.

I can use 500K for a house and a car, and another 500K for my expenses and tax up to 5 years.

The other 1 million I will invest. In 5 years, at a modest estimate, I'd be making 1.46 million. Enough for another 5 years.

That's all I'd ever need. To remove myself from the rat race and be a full-fledged superhero.

I am not greedy, and I would not need anymore money for myself.

I will be corruption proof as I would not take any bribe.

Then I would be ready to do the projects I have always wanted to do.

Food banks, charity grocery stores, fish farming projects, agricultural shit, fundraising.

I have enough contacts to make it happen. Enough skills, enough knowledge.

The poor in Malaysia have skills and whatnot. What they don't have is someone to manage their efforts. And to get them even more skills to do their shit.

Our government and various bodies have done some good, but they failed at the implementation level. They suck at execution.

Top-bottom has failed. It's time for a bottom's up approach. Politicians and politics have failed us.

Field agents need to educate the Government and other bodies what these people really need.

What they need is a bunch of superheroes running around in bright green spandex.

In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil shall escape our sight. Let those who believe in evil's might; beware our power - Green Lantern's light!

As part of the Green Lantern Corps, us superheroes will guide the money to where it should go.

Not for sons and daughters of millionaires, but to those who really need help.

It will be like a virus. In five years, the wave will infect the whole country.

The nation will be infested with superheroes. Racism will be kept at bay. Diseases like cholera and malnutrition will go down and probably be extinct.

There will be more balance in the force.

Freed from the shackles of hatemongering and race-based politics, politicians will finally be forced to do their real work - setting up infrastructures and platforms for the civilisation to grow.

When people have enough food and necessities, they would be more inclined to escape being victims and trying to destroy other people due to sheer jealousy.

More exposure to the world will also result in a more open and tolerant society.

Politicians and the people can then usher in a golden age of technology.

Where hydrogen-fuel cell flying cars are stacked 16 stories high, travelling at speeds over 200km/h.

Healthier people will live till 200.

A world of marvels and miracles.

IF you give me two million bucks.

I mean hey, what have you got to lose? You're still stuck in this shithole anyway.