Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Man, I feel like shit.

My head throbs and any sudden movement or a Limp Bizkit song make me wanna puke.

Called in sick today. I can't go to work. Fuck!

Am waiting for a friend to come over, so I can hitch a ride to the clinic. I need more painkillers.

So to pass the time, am picking fights with PR supporters. On my Blackberry.

They're so easy and stupid. They actually care about what bad things people say about their party.

And they have a need to be SEEN as right.

Oh, man. What an easy target. Easier than BN.

And I can do all this while lying flat on my back, my head splitting open.

Now, imagine if I have two million bucks.

Honestly, though, I don't really mind who governs the country. If the people decided it so, then so be it.

BN, PR? They're ALL politicians. They're people. And people cannot be trusted.

I believe in cycles.

First, the idealistic revolutionary whatever. Then the hypocrisy sets in. Then, full-blown corruption.

We have seen this before. Over and over again.

The Russian revolution. The French. Even here.

All initial intentions were good. And then?

Pak Samad or was it A Samad Said wrote, "Semua yang baru akan bertukar menjadi buruk." or "All that is new will one day become old."

No system is perfect. No one is. And public perception is as fickle as a cunt in a dick hurricane. Morals are abitrary and they change with the times. At one point, it was legal and possibly encouraged to marry a girl younger than 18.

My father and his friends played 'sorok-sorok' with a widower. At 15!

Nothing is static. Nothing is permanent. Everything is evolving, everything is falling apart.

Omnia mutantor, nihil inherit. Everything changes, nothing is truly lost.

SO what do we have?

We have that period between the new and the old. To ensure that at least SOME things are not repeated. At least not so soon.

Our world is a cyclic, open-ended system. It's silly. It's stupid, sometimes mean-spirited. But it can be beautiful at times. Especially when it comes to orgasms. And the sooner any bunch of new leaders and new Governments realizes this, the slower they would descend into complacency, routine and bad habits. That gap can be longer.

I have been accused of not having a stand. I do. I trust no one. And I take nothing for granted. Sometimes, I do, and that is where I need to learn until I no longer do that. Or at least the gap between one incident and the next would be longer.

And the only cure for people being people is STILL a nuclear war. Before that happens, there is everything else.