Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top Cow

Now look what you've done! I can't sleep or rest or even work, until I write about my current Top Five Best Anime List.


FLCL or FuriKuri or FoolyCooly was done by Gainax. It's about this kid Naota who meets an (possible) alien called Haruhara Haruko. She hits him on the head with a guitar and robots come out of his noggin.

FLCL is a coming of age story as Naota learns to grow out of his brother's shadow. It is extremely philosophical. For instance, the giant iron-shaped factory at the city is actually an alien artifact that wants to iron out all the wrinkles on the human brain.

The robots that keep coming out of Naota's head is perhaps an analogy for creativity. The subject of the creation being worshipped as creator is also posed as the robot gets one loyal fan/worshipper/acolyte.

And what do you make of the scene where a robot with the head of a TV set watches TV?

Really cool stuff, as Naota discovers independence, sexuality and maturity in six much-too-short episodes.

4. Yakitate!! Japan

The best food anime ever done by mankind. It's about Azuma Kazuma who wants to bake the perfect Japan Bread. Pan means bread in Japanese, so he wants to make the Ja-Pan. The whole series is filled with puns.

You need to understand a lot of Japanese culture to get the jokes. One of the funniest shows ever.

3. Kino's Journey

Another philosophical anime. It's about a girl, who is a traveller, and her talking motorrad (motorcycle).

She goes to many different countries and sees parodies and satires of things in our world. For instance, one 'country' is technologically advanced. Everything is taken care of by computers and robots. And yet, people still go to work. Why? Because in order to determine who gets more money, that society relies on stress-levels. Whoever is more stressed gets more pay and gain promotions.

Another country critiques religion. Another, is a commentary on the flaws of democracy. One country discussed the nature of man and machine in a heartbreaking story of love and loyalty.

2. Berserk

I watched Berserk during a phase in my life when I was very, very angry. This series embodies that rage and sense of helplessness I felt, as well as the wanton destruction and violence I turned to, for a while.

1. Cowboy Bebop


God put us on Earth a few billion years ago so that one day, we would do Cowboy Bebop.

After humans made this anime, we are all marked for extinction, because there is no reason for us to live anymore.