Thursday, November 4, 2010


Just got off from a series of meetings. Tired as hell.

Wanted to write a long essay, but I only have time for this little snippet before I take a nap. I need to start writing again at 2am.

Here's the snippet:

Whatever happens in your life, you decided it to be so. You can't blame God or other people or whatever for it.

This is not a burden. This is freedom. It means that you have full control over yourself and your life.

Things, people, they come and go. And one day, you will die. Everyone dies, at the end.

Best thing we can do, is enjoy the moment while we're still breathing. A lot of people throw their lives away. A lot of people are assholes. Fuck other people. Other people have no power over us. They're all self-centered, egotistical motherfuckers. Because they're people.

Me? I'm just passing through. I know more than I should, sometimes. I see the seed and the rot. A gift and a curse.

Any and all attempts to communicate this to other people have resulted in despair. They don't believe me. They never do. And five years later, they come to me and tell me that I was right.

Do you really believe I want to be right all the time?

Well, I have learned to keep my mouth shut. See you when you get there, dumbass.