Sunday, November 21, 2010


Since I started on my pop psychology bullshit, I have been meeting more and more people who have come to the same conclusions as I.

They don't have to tell me, and I don't have to tell them. We can all see it in the mannerisms and the actions.

I believe that the world is becoming more conscious.

As Lord of Destruction, I preside over change, and I sense that the world is changing. Karmic wheels are turning, as heavenly bodies gyrate to the music on chrome poles. Er, I mean, as heavenly objects turn on their axis and go around their orbit.

My days are never the same, and for that, I am thankful. Nothing I do is ever the same, and I am grateful for the learning experience.

There is nowhere to go but forward. There is nothing to live for other than the present moment.

And at present, I am tired and I will sleep for two hours before continuing on my hell's march of tasks and work.

Apotheosis! Godhood! I am Unicron.