Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lord of t3h Interblags

I now have Unifi. After loads of drama, I finally have the damned thing installed.

High speed broadband, baby! With VOIP and IPTV.

For the idiots: Google, morons!

I must say that I have always been skeptical with this thing, but it seems to work just fine.

Remember, though, that TM does not include everything in the installation package and you might have to go out and buy some shit. It cost me about RM30++ for the extra stuff.

Now, my entire house is wifi and for fast downloads, I can connect my laptop directly to the thing.

What intrigues me is the Video On Demand. I can buy CSI's previous seasons for RM48, which is cheaper than Bangsar's pirate DVD shops. Current season is RM78, though.

Each movie is RM8.

I'm okay with the interface, which is instinctive, but the selection sucks so far. I envision seeing hundreds, maybe thousands of titles in the future.

And more channels. There's hardly any sports, so forget football. Forget EPL.

The battle for paid TV in Malaysia may be decided by EPL and ECL. So far, Astro has the upper hand. For at least a few years.