Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Ever Living

Ancient Spirits of Eeeeevilllll.

Transform this decaying form, to The Malay Male - The Evarrrr Liviiiiiiinnnnnnggg!!!

Haiyeaahhhhh!!! Heyaaaahhhh!!! Yehaaahahahahahaha!!!

Absolve, domine, animas ab omni defunctorum. Et gratia tua illis succerente.

O, Fafnir who art thou in the land of Titans. Bring down the Ragnarok ship of dead men's nails. Water the roots of Yggdrasil with kin's blood, and unleash The Furies. Hecatea, Atropos, Medusa.

I summon the Babylonian harvest Gods. I summon Papa Ghuede - most powerful of all Voduin deities.

I summon Amaterasu and Amon-Ra. Apollo and Chronos.

Pangu, Zhu Rong, Nuwa. Avalokitesvara.

Moonstar of Limboooo! Give me the Might! The Muscle! The Malice, of Monstar!!! And a Massage. Don't forget the Massage.