Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back to the Swamp Again

I come from the swamp, so I'll return to the swamp.

I'm going back to Kuantan today. In an hour or two.

I'm not like most of you fuckers. Fucking city slickers. I is hardcore! Hardcore, motherfucker!

Some guy asked me, "When was the last time you saw really poor people?"

And I said, "Last time I went home."

And he was like, looking at me in disbelief. He could not comprehend the fact that most people in KL today are from rural areas. Only a small percentage are born and bred here.

These people think I'm some sort of Bangsar kid or some stupid shit like that. I mean, I speak English. I listen to hip-hop (AND dangdut, I might add). They think I'm one of those wishy-washy ephemereal people. Muahahaha.

Every sheeple thinks that everyone else is a sheeple. We only use ourselves as a measure to other people. Which is tough for me, cause I often expect people not to lie. I expect other people to be like this or like that. Like me.

But they're not. They are as diverse as whatever the fuck. They don't hold on to the same values I do. No one does. No one holds the same value as another person.

It used to get to me, until I learned about not caring about shit. The fuck should I care? Fuck you. I live my life the way I want to. Everything that happened, happened because I wanted them to happen. I experienced whatever because I wanted to experience it.

Oops. My ride is here. See ya!