Friday, November 26, 2010

The Book of Five Rings

When I was 23, I went through some trainings. They are extremely beneficial. I learned, among other things, to face myself.

At every single juncture, or whenever I feel bad or any type of negativity, I go and face myself. Whenever I face seemingly insurmountable odds, I face myself.

Because in almost anything, the thing that holds me back is myself. My fear. My considerations. My worries. Which are all essentially my fears.

In the years since my training, I have learned and relearned one thing - nothing is unreachable. I can do whatever I want, as long as I want it.

Some people, like to say they want to be rich. They say this all the time. At some point, or perhaps since the beginning, they never really wanted to be rich or whatever goal they say they want. Either they stopped wanting, or they simply never wanted it anyway.

For most people, some of their highest goals, is to talk about their goals or what they could have done. Or simply to complain about what they could have been or done.

I see all this as a waste, really. I am not as talented as some people. In fact, my talents are perhaps only half or a quarter of what some people can do.

I am a barbarian. Rough. Unrefined. I am not as slick as Alan Shore. I'm just me, baby. I'm just me. I know my limitations very well cause I keep on banging to that wall.

I keep on banging to that wall cause that's just how I do things. Sometimes, the walls break.

I come from a swamp, motherfucker. I got nothing to lose.

And when I move, the whole universe moves with me.