Friday, November 5, 2010

Frazzle Dazzle

So many things are happening at the same time that it can be extremely suffocating at times.

So many deadlines, so much work, that you just want to say, "STOP!"

Which is exactly what I did. Being frazzled is in no way helpful.

I took two weeks off, and it has been a series of meetings to handle both my private as well as professional life.

Now I got stuff to do.

I gotta hand it to people like Alam, who taught me to apply skills in writing to any aspect of life.

I have to thank several people who showed me the business aspect of things.

I also need to thank companies like KRU and Astro, for giving me a chance to prove myself.

I mean, before MySpy, I was an unproven, an unknown, even though I run my mouth at any given chance.

Now I've done Magika, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa and Ribbit for KRU. It has been a wonderful learning experience, working with so many different people.

Now, where do I go from here?

That question has been hanging over me, like a Sword of Damocles.

I had to sit down just now, and just stare at a wall and let myself drool and my mind goes into savant mode.

Then, I meditated. The pressure, the stress, comes from me setting deadlines for myself. This is how I get things done. This thing ready by when, that thing finished by what time.

But most of these things, do not require my time and attention right now. I know I've done good work, to the best of my abilities. And the people I worked with are all great.

So I'm exhaling. Shoulders relaxed.

I just realised that more than half my deadlines are not real deadlines. Just ones I set on myself. There is still time, as long as I draw breath.

No worries. No rush. I'll get to it when it is time. Things will come, in their own fashion, in their own time.