Friday, November 12, 2010

Bestiality Wars!

Previously, on Transformers: Bestiality Wars!

Oppenheimer: With Optimus Primal gone, I am the master of the Maximals!

Amir Hafizi: With a name like Maximals, we all sound like we're sanitary pads. No wonder Optimus killed himself.

Rattrap: Speak for yourself, Transformer-Without-A-Proper-Name.

Amir Hafizi: I have a name. See? It's on the left.

Cheetor: It's not a proper Transformer name.

Amir Hafizi: What? Like, Cheetor? You're either a cheater, or you can transform into a bag of cheese rings.

Cheetor: Watch it, Jackass!

Amir Hafizi: My name... is not Jackass.

Rhinox: So what is your name, then?

Amir Hafizi: I guess I'll just have to figure it out in the next episode.

And now, in this episode:

Amir Hafizi: Hmmm. A name that can sound bad-ass, and tell kids what I do, or what my beast mode is.

Rattrap: What is your beast-mode anyway?

Amir Hafizi: I transform into the most dangerous animal on the planet.

Rhinox: Human? You transform into a human?

Amir Hafizi: Fuck you. This is not an after-school special with morals and whatever. I transform into Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living!

Cheetor: How does that work?

Amir Hafizi: Magic.

Rattrap: I don't believe in magic.

Amir Hafizi: Oh yeah? Then what about your transmetal body? You were washed in light and then MAGICALLY transforms into a Transmetal rat. If that's not magic, I don't know what is.

Blackarachnia: Well, can we see this mummy?

Amir Hafizi: And how do you have sex, anyway? And do robot's boobs jiggle? Is it filled with silicon?

Silverbolt: ... I...

Amir Hafizi: Ah, never mind. I'm going to sleep first. Lots of work to do tonight.

Transformers: Bestiality Wars!

Bestiality Wars!