Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mob Rule

There is an old episode of Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers where Widget, the blonde-analogue chipmunk or squirrel joined a cult to find a place and a group where she 'belonged'. The cult used an old soda commercial to brainwash everyone into thinking they are part of a thing.

I hate groups and power blocks. I respect individuals and individuality, not mindless, lazy conforming to any mainstream value or popular school of thought.

I've always walked my own path, because I know the importance of making my own decisions. I do consult trusted friends, but end of the day, all my decisions are my own. Cause end of the day, I have to live with myself. There is no one I can blame. There is no one YOU can blame.

Strength in numbers? All my life, I have attacked and whittled away at this 'strength'. It's easy, cause it's not real strength. It is merely a facade. And it is fleeting.

Behind the masks of tribal anonymity, bigotry and hypocrisy reign supreme. Most people can only be honest with themselves. Throw in a group dynamic, and all the lies and role-playing come flying out.

I am not condemning. I do not threaten, merely advising caution.

Everyone have to make their own decisions. I made mine years ago. Everything that has ever happened was due to my own decisions. I'm sticking by myself and my choices.

Let the chips fall where they may.