Saturday, November 27, 2010

Intermission: Destruction

I tried to work last night, but all the late nights in the past month caught up to me and I found myself passed out for the second night in the row, on my bed.

I was tired. Today, though, should be a good day to work. I aim to finish everything I set out to do and if last week was any indication, there is no reason for me not to complete everything by tomorrow morning.

Things are coming to a boil. I see endgames being played out. The last pieces of the grand puzzle I have been putting together almost this whole year is finally forming a clear picture.

Sitting at the Aleph, I see everything. I know everything. Just a few big pieces are missing, and that would be for next week.

I am the Lord of Destruction. I see the seed and the rot. I oversee change. And pretty soon, it would be time.