Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chinese Whispers: Legend of the Knights of Bukkake

I just heard from Cheepork, that our exploits in Phuket has been exaggerated and turned into a legend of sorts.

It was spread that we went to Phuket during the Boxing Day tsunami and that we helped save Thais over there, like superheroes. And that we now have 4-5 girlfriends in Thailand.

I was like Gilgamesh, and Cheepork was Enkidu, fighting the Bull of Heaven and such, the way the tale was told.

Well, on Boxing Day, I was enjoying a soiree in KL. I went there a month later, to help rebuild the economy of Thailand.

And while Cheepork and I do not have girlfriends in Thailand, we do have girl friends over there. We love them more than any girl in Malaysia. At least I do. Cheepork needs to get married for career advancement.

Me? I'm thinking. Not about girls or guys. But about stuff. Nyehhhhh. All will happen in due time. In due time.

I spent the past several months cultivating patience. I'm 30 years old. I know enough of the world to realise that I will never be handed more than I can handle.

As it is, I have a lot to write anyway. A lot of work needs to be done.

And if I do it right, the people will talk about legends of me, just like how they embellished my small contributions to Thailand, making us sound like mythical heroes of yore.

The Truth is, we helped by contributing to the economy of the place. We had fun, and we made friends.

And on our way back, we battled a Ctulhu monster. I killed it by shooting lasers from my ass.