Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tales from the Hovering Between Here and There Side: Long Enough for You?

Seeing a need to switch into Bugis Bentuk Perang, I summoned the Ancient Spirits of Evil.

Me: Ancient Spirits of Eeeeevil!

Me: Transform -


Me: Goddamn it, man!

I opened the door and there was a dude holding two rectangular boxes in front of him.

Me: Yes?

Guy: You ordered this?

Me: Ah, yes. Okay. How much?

I paid. Went back in. Ate the thing. Drank something. And then back again to my cauldron.

Me: Ancient Spirits of EEEEVVVILLLLL!!!

Me: Aduh! Nak berak la pulak! Susah betul nak jadi orang jahat ni.

So I took a dump. Feeling better, now I want to sleep.

Ancient Spirits of Evil: Ey! What about us?

Me: Fuck off.