Friday, December 4, 2009

Tales from the Hangover Side: Whine Aftermath

So I woke up today to multiple phone calls. Around 9am. After which, I immediately forced myself to sleep.

I need to be fresh, because there is one event today at 7pm. And then I need to do something at 2am. And tomorrow, there are six things happening.

Last night, after not sleeping the previous day, I had a momentary boost of confidence - slightly more than the normal unreasonable hubris I suffer from - which can only be explained by fatigue.

That got me drinking. Or perhaps, the drinking got me the confidence boost. Either way, I was fine and dandy, and no less randier than the next chap.

All this requires energy, though, so today I went and had lunch with one very senior journalist who is no longer one. I do this one every six months or so, as a milestone or placeholder or something.

Ah well. Have to get ready now. Business cards, RELOAD! Sunny disposition, ON! Buddhist views on how everything is connected and no one is either good or evil - CHECK! Painkillers, COMBO!

Head them up, ride them out. Power strike, and ready to ride.