Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Christmas Carol: A Review

After watching Avatar, I will have to divide time between two periods.

B.A - Before Avatar.

A.A - After Avatar.

After Avatar, everything is a bit tasteless and dull. Guy Ritchie, one of my favourite directors, and Robert Downey Jr, one of my favourite actors of all time, failed to do much for me with Sherlock Holmes - my favourite fictional detective ever.

And so with some dread, I went and watched Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol. It had Jim Carrey in it, so I was expecting more of his performance in Lemony Snickett.

The result? Humbug! I didn't quite enjoy it, probably because of these reasons:

1. I didn't write the movie.

- I'm biased towards movies I wrote. I like my own work.

2. I just watched Avatar.

- Avatar blew my mind, and I wish Neytiri could give me a blowjob.

3. I have read the original A Christmas Carol shit before, several times, when I was a child.

- and also watched so many TV specials based on it. My favourite take on this classic tale was an animated one, where Scrooge's resistance to Christmas was embodied in his taking snuff, but never allowing himself to sneeze. It was a metaphor for letting go and accepting the world as it is which is missing from A Christmas Carol.

4. I don't like 3D.

- After The Incredibles, no 3D movie has ever caught my fancy. I'm partial to traditional 2D animation, or cell-shading such as the style used for Futurama. Cell-shading is using 3D models, but making it look like 2D. The Japanese anime Vandread uses cell-shading a lot, as well as Blue Submarine No 6, to an extent.

- Avatar is a special case. In fact, since Twilight has their legion of Twilighters and Twihards, I am thinking of setting up Avataristas or Avataricers just to start a bloodbath going.

All in all, a 'meh' from me for A Christmas Carol. I prefer The Polar Express, really.

Carrey's acting was okay, but nothing to shout about. They stayed true to the book, which is good...but...meh.

Anyway, I caught one of the last shows, so this review has no use whatsoever. Just doing it to waste time before I go for an event.

See you later!