Thursday, December 3, 2009

Intermission: Sleepers Creepers

After a long and arduous day at work, I found myself at Alexis Bangsar with two old and very dear friends.

I find it nice to have friends. I can do things without explaining myself. Not because friends know each other. I do not believe it is possible for you to know anyone - not completely - no matter how long you've known them.

No, it is because you trust each other not to do anything with malice. At least, not to each other.

If you treat everyone as a potential friend or accomplice, you'll get much more work done rather than thinking everyone is out to get you.

True, there are some characters I avoid like the plague. They are not worth my time or my energy, which is better spent on other things like masturbating or taking a dump or even picking my nose.

Even with those, I am wary, but have decided not to let any of them dominate my thoughts, emotions or even my ego. For they, too, are victims of their own egos.

I would much rather spend an entire evening talking with people who bear me no malice. No spite. Anger or envy. For verily, I say unto you that there is nothing much to be spiteful about, in this world.

Doesn't mean you have to be a pushover. Just say no. I say, FUCK YOU. Without any real emotion. Just some theatrics to grab some attention and make sure the message comes accross clearly.

Look people in the eye, empty your mind and heart. And then say, FUCK OFF. Works in almost every situation.

It's raining outside, and I got a few hours left, before another round of whatever.

So, I'm holding your head in my hands right now. I'm staring right into your eyes.