Sunday, December 27, 2009

Glee: New Underwear

KUALA LUMPUR: Amir Hafizi is excited about tomorrow, because he will be wearing his new underwear.

"I always go through a pair of boxers every month, because normal clothing can't contain my august nature," said Amir Hafizi.

"So this Christmas, some Pierre Cardin boxers were on sale. I know they're not cK, but they'll do the trick. So I bought four pairs, at RM9.90 each!"

Wearing his new, RM9.90 boxers will also grant Amir superpowers such as invisibility, impregnation, X-ray vision and pussy-pathy.

The police and FRU have been alerted to this new development and has dispatched 50,000,000 additional troops into KL tomorrow.

"The whole exercise will cost RM870 trillion," said some random police spokesperson. "But it's for the safety of the public."

Roadblocks will be set up at main routes. Tomorrow, DUKE, Federal Highway, PLUS and LPT will be closed to accomodate this major television event.