Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Man-Woman Interface

I discovered one thing recently. Two things, really.

Number one, I have been observing why feminist regimes seem to hate gay men.

Apparently, most women still think of themselves as hos. In the sense that they feel secure about living in a man's world when they think that they can have ultimate victory using the trump card, their last bargaining chip - the pussy.

It's like negotiating some shit and then, when things get to a stalemate, the woman, I'm sorry, the ho, puts the pussy on the table and say, "What about now?"

They believe that pussy is the most valuable thing in the world.

Which is true. I believed that bullshit. Till I'm 25.

So anyway, they are either threatened or attracted to gay men because the pussies don't work on gay men.

Throw a pussy at a gay dude and he'd be like, "What the fuck is this fishy bullshit?"

I noticed that gay men are impervious to pussy. For some women - especially those whose pussies have dried up or stink like a rotting carcass - this is dangerous.

Knowing full well my own vulnerabilities, I went to Thailand to study under the Whore-Priestesses of Shabda-Oud.

After realising that good pussy is only worth RM50, I was well on my way to be free of hypno-pussy. Not being gay, cause I'm straight, but because when you slap the exact value of something, it's no longer magical or unobtainable.

I am no longer under the spell of the hypno-pussy.

And this, gets a lot of women feel threatened. Their equivalent of a nuclear warhead - I can walk away from, unscratched.

I mean, when you have experienced the Seven Positions of Buddha, what the fuck can the other bitches offer you?

The danger is, when women find out that you are non-pussy-penetrable, they will try various ways to discredit you.

Oh well. That's the way it goes.

I challenge any good-looking woman to offer me pussy, so that I could turn them down.

Try me.

Strip in front of me, and gyrate your hips, offering your pussy. I'll just stomp on your pussy.

And when you yell, "Why?!"

I'll just say, "Checking for bees."