Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SMS Alarm Clock

Somebody just SMSed me at 2.30am. It was about some problems.

Friend: You awake?

Me: What's up?

Friend: I'm worried about this and that. And blablabla.

Me: Okay.

F: What should I do?

Me: What can you do, at 2.30am?

When you're facing difficulties, it's easy to get lost in the past or the future. It is easy to disregard the present.

Something bad that happened in the past, or something good you hope to happen in the future takes centrestage. Disrespecting the present will only get you into despair.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are addicted to despair, to pain. Those people exist in a very horrid and terrible world.

Kids, we don't want any part of that world. Duck and cover! Duck and cover!

And sleep.