Tuesday, December 8, 2009

UPDATED: Maxis Down? Medic! Medic!

UPDATED 2.04am

SUCCESS! Suddenly, I received an SMS. My phone can receive and send SMSes. And then, I tried calling some people who I know are still awake. The phone rang!


My phone works again! I don't know what the fuck happened. Could be someone was playing Freecell and accidentally pushed a big red button, or that their tower was manned by PUS people. I don't know what the fuck.

Around 40 minutes disconnected from the mobile network, and I was ready to plug my modem up my ass to get a fix.

Strange thing, though, when I was in Thailand, I always turn off my phone, to no side effects.

Oh well. The Gods must be crazy.

UPDATED 1.49am
Tried removing the battery, removing the SIM card, to no avail. Am now updating the software, to see if that's the problem.

UPDATED 1.32am

Called 123. Still can't call, even 123 (Hotline Malaysia). Am asking another person to call from a land line.

UPDATED 1.24am

I came back and need to do some work from home, when I discovered that I can't make any calls or send SMSes from my phone. Internet is okay, though. Both the Maxis Unlimited data plan and Maxis mobile.

Using my Blackberry powers, I turned off my phone. Rebooted it, and same thing.

I just paid a week ago, motherfucker. People can't call or sms me. I can't call or sms people. I can access Facebook, though.

Man, I think I have to go back to the office now. If I fuck up, I get my line cut off. If Maxis fucks up, can they get cut off? Can I get at least a discount?

Again, accessing into my Blackberry powers, I messaged someone. Will update this fast-breaking news story.