Friday, December 4, 2009

Tales from the Drunk Side: Oh, the Huge Manatee

I am rather lugubrious at the monet. I mean, moment. I just spent seven hours drinking.

Around 10 glasses of crimson liquid and four black drinks, as well as assorted amber glasses.

I disocvered more proof tonight that people - formerly my great bane - just wanted to be treated as humans. No matter if they are lowly scribes like me, or high top of the mountain whatever the fuck.

I did not judge. I did not preach. I was honest and relaxed. I got nothing to prove, and I discovered that I could slug it with the best of them.

The reason is simple. I was human. I was not a threat. I was not a competitor. I was not a schemer nor a backstabber. I was just me, baby.

Even though I was tired as hell.

They don't understand, do they, Amir? Very few do.

I give you the secrets of the universe.


Enjoy yourself. You do have a choice, you know.

A rock may be hard as hell, but water, while soft and cool and refreshing, can be violent and forceful at times. Be water, my friends, be water.

Oh well.

What do I know? I'm just a kid who was born near the swamps. I'm just Remy LeBeau, motherfucker. I'm just Remy LeBeau.